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The Best HBO GO Movies

  1. Prometheus – Everything reproduces with each other to create Man, Alien, Face Huggers, Space Jockeys, Squids, etc…
  2. 2 Days in the Valley – OK, the Teri Hatcher and Charlize Theron catfight IS the movie.
  3. Anchorman – Stupid funny, makes you ashamed of yourself that you actually laughed but you did.
  4. Fast Times at Ridgemont High – Who’d have thought that everyone in this movie would actually have acting careers and Oscars ahead.
  5. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – Steve Martin at his finest, Ruprecht the Monkey Boy is sooooo politically incorrectly hilarious.
  6. Crocodile Dundee – Talk about a “high point” in a career, Croc and his honey go on to live happily ever after in the movie and real life.
  7. Intolerable Cruelty – Coen brothers got the best out of Clooney and Zeta Jones before they got old, great characters and dialogue as usual.
  8. The Hangover Part II – The “Three’s Company” formula for success, except now a computer can search and replace Vegas with Thailand in the script.
  9. Rocky III – Mr. T still pitying fools on Old Navy commercials today and the mohawk is making a comeback.
  10. Avoid Wanderlust, Volunteers, Showgirls, Howard the Duck, Navy Seals, Battleship.


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  1. Green Latern, Anatasia, and Dolphin Tale are all good as well and on HBO GO.

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